Dark Green, Yellow Gold, and White Flannel Jacket Size Medium


It's a cool, crisp fall morning and somewhere in the Midwest, either on the plains of Oklahoma, or in the fields of Wisconsin, a farmer is waking up at dawn to take out his tractor. His typical flannel won't cut it in the fall air, so he reaches for this flannel jacket, which is thicker, the ideal garment to keep him warm as the temperatures begin to drop. It is the perfect shade of green, nearly matches his John Deere. It lasts through 40 hour work weeks, and winding down at the local dive on Friday and Saturday nights. This shirt sees the farmer through good times and bad, and after a while, they are ready to part ways. Eventually, it makes its way to Franklin, TN where it is ready to be given a new life, after being given a little makeover, just to breathe new life into it. No longer strictly for practical purposes, this shirt has been reverse dyed and softened, maintaining its history and integrity, but still ready for whatever its second life has in store. Fits size medium.

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