Vintage Dark Red, Black, Light Green, and Cream Flannel Size Medium

Now that it's November, you're excited the weather is finally changing and you're able to wear your cozy, fall and winter clothes. The only thing is, with winter comes the holidays, which means holiday parties. You love your job, however, you don't love having to make small talk over Christmas cookies, and pigs in a blanket. The first party on the list is one at the office. You know someone from accounting is going to show up in a pair of reindeer antlers, and you're wondering what you're going to wear. Something festive, but understated, and definitely comfortable. Luckily, you ordered this great one-of-a-kind flannel shirt from Franklin, TN, and it'll look great with your black jeans, or that skirt with tights you like so much. It's so soft, you'll feel like you're on a cloud when you head for a cocktail or wait to find out your present during the gift exchange. Bonus, you could dress it up for Christmas Eve with the family, and wear it Christmas morning over your PJs while opening gifts around the tree. Fits size medium.

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