Vintage Lime Green, Purple, and Turquoise Flannel Size Small


It was going to be so fun -- you'd bought the tickets 2 months ago, and the night was finally here. You and a few friends were going to get dinner before, and then head to the concert after. It was about time you went out and had a good time! 6:15 pm and you still weren't dressed. You want to wear something that stands out while you're dancing in your seat, singing all the words, but also, you know you don't want to wear anything too heavy because it may get sweaty in that big crowd of people so tightly packed together. Maybe this will work, you think as you pull out this nearly-neon one-of-a-kind vintage flannel. It's so soft, of course you want to put it on immediately. But also, you could wear a thin t-shirt underneath, and take it off if you get too hot. You can tie it around your waist if you get hot! This is perfect. You love the versatility of this shirt -- you can leave it open or button it up. You throw on your jeans and sneakers, and you're ready to go. Before you even walk in the restaurant for your pre-concert dinner with friends, the hostess is already asking you where you got that shirt. Later that night, the opening act gives you a shout-out, seeing how you stand out in a sea full of people. "This songs for you, the one in that awesome shirt," they say. It's a show-stopper alright. You're having a blast, and feel confident in your outfit. The lights go down, the main act is about to take the stage. A bead of sweat on your brow, you wrap this shirt around your waist around 9:45 pm. You are now ready to dance the night away. Fits size small.

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