Vintage Red, Gold, Cream, and Navy Blue Flannel Size Extra Large


You wake up on a Saturday, it's late November, almost December, and someone left the window open overnight, either in the hallway or downstairs. It was only open a crack, but still, the air inside your house is less than room temperature. You put on some socks, but need something on your upper body to warm you up. Something soft, and lived-in ... what to pick? Then you remember you've got this awesome vintage flannel in your closet. You slip it on, 'ahhh, so much better.' It feels like a hug. You slide down the wood floors in your socks and your comfy flannel, a little oversized, keeping you toasty while you wait for the heat to kick in. Sit in the kitchen and drink your coffee, maybe tea, and start your morning. When you're ready to face the world, you wish you didn't have to leave the house, but, you remember that this is an artistically reverse-dyed vintage flannel, it can withstand any occasion. You trade your pajamas for a pair of jeans and leather boots, keeping your flannel on, easily transitioning from a lazy day around the house to a productive afternoon in town. Fits size extra large.

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