Each Franklin Flannels shirt is vintage and unique. Our flannels are meant to be worn oversized, and for the most part (except for some smalls), shirts are unisex. If you are a woman and you normally wear a Size Large, you might want to drop to a Size Medium. For men, stick with your normal size.

 We receive thousands of shirts and all from different vendors. Sizing varies greatly. Some are wider than others throughout the body of the shirt. Please read the description of each shirt carefully.

 We size our shirts based upon shoulder width.  

 Small – 17 ½ - 18 inches shoulder to shoulder

 Medium – 19 inches shoulder to shoulder

 Large – 20 inches shoulder to shoulder

 XL – 21 inches shoulder to shoulder

 Naturally the larger the shirt – the more room in the body

 Please note that these are estimates and not a perfect science.