Thank you for your interest in Franklin Flannels wholesale. We look forward to sharing our Vintage, One-of-a-Kind Flannels with you. Our #1 Priority is to help you determine your business needs and work with you on your order.

Please take a moment to review our initial requirements to see if your store is a good match.

We ask each applicant to:

  • Have an independent, brick and mortar location that complements our Franklin Flannels™ brand. (Must be a free standing store and not a boutique within a salon.)
  • Have enough geographical distance to separate yourself from our current partners.
  • Agree to no online sales unless given approval by Franklin Flannels management.
  • Please be sure to read our Wholesale Policies on our FAQ page.

Please be advised that because each shirt is artistically reverse dyed. Nothing is ever mass produced and thus, our orders take time - typically  10 days to two weeks to fulfill.

Read our FAQs here

For Wholesale Inquiries please fill out the following form: